Ichnocarpus frutescens

Family: Apocynaceae


Family Synonyms

Common Names

Dudhi, Syamalota (Bengali), Tabu chi (Marma), Dudhnoi (Chakma), Bhutta ludi (Tanchangya), Black Creeper (English)

Local Availability

Throughout the country in scrubs.

Worldwide Availability

China, India, Southeast Asia, and Northern Australia

Botanical Description 25

Ichnocarpus frutescens is large shrub, has many branches, which hold white latex in its all parts. Leaves are acuminate or acute, 4.5 to 7.5 in length, elliptic-oblong. Flowers are greenish white, sma

Common Ethnobotanical Use 26

The roots of Ichnocarpus frutescens are used in fever, diabetes, skin troubles, dyspepsia, and stone in the bladder. Roots are also considered as the tonic, cooling, demulcent, tonic, diaphoretic and alternative. Stems and leaves are used in the decoction forms in fevers. In headaches, leaves are applied, also in wounds and sore between fingers. Tribes in Bangladesh uses root in dental caries and stems and leaves for scabies.

Chemical Constituents

Compound Name Compound in Plant Parts Reference
Quercetin 3-O-glucosideFlower5
Oleanolic acid9
Vanillic acidLeaf8
Protocatechuic acidLeaf8
FriedelinStem3, 9
Ursolic AcidRoot7
Syringic acidLeaf8
Lupeol acetateStem3, 9
FriedelinolStem3, 9
2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy benzaldehydeRoot10
n-Butyl oleateStem1
n-Nonadecanyl benzoateStem1
n-Octyl tetracontaneStem1
Lanosteryl oleateStem6
Dotriacontanoic acid9
Sitosterol palmitate9
Ursolic acid acetateLeaf4
Sinapic acidLeaf8
Menth-1(7)-en-9-olyl dodecanoateStem6
2-(4-Methylcyclohex-3-enyl)propyl dodecanoateStem6
Benzocosanyl arachidateStem1

Pharmacological Evidence

Plants Parts Extract Type Activity Reference
Polyphenol Ehrlich-Lettre Ascites Carcinoma 12
Polyphenol Leukemia 12
Ethanol; Aqueous Antifungal 15
Polyphenol Antidiabetic 19
Hydroalcohol Antidiabetic 20
Ethanol; Aqueous Anticonvulsant 21
Methanol Breast Cancer 11
Methanol Liver Cancer 11
Methanol Lung Cancer 11
Methanol Gastric Cancer 11
Hexane; Chloroform; Aqueous Antifungal 24
Ethanol Antifungal 17
Hexane; Chloroform; Aqueous Antibacterial 24
Ethanol Antibacterial 17
Aqueous Antidiabetic 18
Methanol Anticonvulsant 22
Methanol Analgesic 23
Whole Plant
Ethanol Ovarian Cancer 14


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